Alice’s Wunderland

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Product Description

Performed by Final Year actors at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (2016)

Written by Alice Lowe


Woman, Julie Polly Misch
Nanny, Miss Embalms Sayre Fox
Jill The Ripper, Mother Norah Lopez Holden
Receptionist, Pixie, Turd Jodie Tyack
Trainer, Pat Skye Hallam-Hankin
Man, Winder, John Bart Lambert
Jim, Singing Turd, Dr. Dog Tom Edward Kane
Mr. C-B, Doctor Jamael Westman
Periwinkle, Posh Man Abraham Popoola
Gav, Noel Edmunds, Fred Fraser Wall
Man, TV Presenter Fehinti Balogun
Narrators Lowrie Izzard and Matt Gavan

Musical director Fraser Wall

Sound design by Josh Gunn

Mixed by Craig Dormer

Directed by Jeremy Mortimer

About the writer: Alice Lowe is an actress and writer, mainly in comedy. She is known for her roles in the Garth Marenghi series and as the lead and co-writer of the 2012 film Sightseers. Alice’s Wunderland, Alice’s BBC Radio 4 series, a surreal sketch show, was first broadcast in July 2012.


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