Valentine’s Day Radio Plays 2022

Valentine's Day Audio Drama

Valentine’s Day 2022 is nearly here folks! Last year many of us were staying at home, missing loved ones or going stir crazy. This year, dating, nights out and romantic dinners are back on the table. Get into the mood for love with our collection of audio dramas and audio comedy.

Nina Millns Playwright

Nina Mills Playwright Wireless Theatre

Nina Millns is the incredibly talented actor-turned playwright behind the powerful audio drama Delete. We asked Nina for her writing tips, career highlights, and work in progress.

Christmas audio dramas for 2021

Relax at Christmas with Christmas audio Drama from Wireless Theatre Company

Looking for Christmas radio plays to keep you company whilst you wrap presents, write cards, peel sprouts, or browse online for gifts? Look no further! Wireless Theatre have enough Christmas radio drama to get you into the spirit for each of the twelve days of Christmas

Dramatic audio comedy

Dramatic audio comedy black audio comedy dark audio comedy

Dramatic audio comedy. Dark audio comedy plays featuring murders, dysfunctional families, terrible spouses and racist grannies. Offensive language and adult themes abound.

Gareth Brown, Lighting Designer

Gareth Brown Lighting Designer Wireless Theatre Ltd

Gareth Brown is the lighting designer for Wireless Theatre live recordings. Lighting might not be your first thought in audio drama, but it’s so nice when the audience can see the actors, we’re sure you’ll agree!