Springheel: Series 3, Episode 3

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The Secret of Springheel’d Jack – The Lords of the World

Written by: Gareth Parker & Robert Valentine.

Starring: Christopher Finney, Andrew Shepherd, Jonathan Hansler, Ben Whitehead, Tom Slatter, Matthew Woodcock, Silas Hawkins, with Jenny Runacre, David Benson, Jeremy Stockwell, Nicholas Parsons, Matthew Kelly, Shane Rimmer and Katy Manning.

Additional Series Vocals: Grace Bishop, Jonathan Broke, Marie Fortune and Steve Spence.

Title & Incidental Music: Francesco Quadraruopolo.

Editing and Sound Design: Matt Thompson and Jack Bowman.

Producers: Jack Bowman, Mariele Runacre Temple & Robert Valentine.

Director: Robert Valentine.

Running Time: 40 minutes.


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