I have a subscription to Wireless Theatre. Will I still get charged?

You should not see any further subscription payments to Wireless Theatre Company on your statements or PayPal account. Please contact info@wirelesstheatre.co.uk immediately if you think you have been charged in error, for a full refund.

Can I still download my favourite dramas?

Yes, you can still download any audio drama on the website. (By downloading one of our productions, you are entering into an agreement with us that you will not reproduce any work without prior permission. Please read our terms and conditions before you download.) Simply find the drama you would like to download from the audio page, click the image, and click play at the bottom of the description. You will see a page that gives details of the drama. On that page, click ‘Download file’ or the cloud and arrow icon.

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Can I see a list of all the audio on the site?

Yes. Our Ultimate Playlist contains everything. If you would like to be a little bit more selective, see our playlists page and pick your favourite list. If you fancy a browse, start at the audio page.

How do I see just comedies or dramas?

Our playlists page offers playlists based on genre, and special interests. email website@wirelesstheatre.co.uk if you would like to suggest a new playlist.

How should I format an audio drama script to submit to Wireless Theatre?

If your question isn’t answered here, please email website@wirelesstheatre.co.uk