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Audio Comedy Series

Audio comedy from award-winning Wireless Theatre. Comedy audio downloads direct to your phone or device, all totally free!

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Drayton Trench – Audio Comedy Series

Multi-award winning audio production company Wireless Theatre teamed up with SnatchBack to bring you a live recording of a six part audio comedy written by the creator and head writer of acclaimed podcast sitcom Wooden Overcoats.

When you’re in desperate peril and working to a tight budget, there’s only one woman for the case – Drayton Trench! The diminutive detective and her plucky secretary Marjorie Marjoribanks are on the trail of drunken archaeologist Sir Percy Price, kidnapped for his knowledge concerning the fabled lost Tomb of Caesar. Their journey will take them all over Europe, from a fight at the top of the Eiffel Tower to a showdown in the centre of Rome, as they do battle with a sadistic assassin, a Transylvanian Countess, and a gaggle of mad classicist cultists!

Being at a Wireless Theatre live recording is thrilling’ – THE GUARDIAN

Funnier than anything broadcast on the BBC’ – THE NEW STATEMAN (for Wooden Overcoats)

Drayton Trench Playlist – stream all 6 episodes.

Gino Ginelli – Audio Comedy Series

Charles and Ollie Ginelli haven’t seen their father for over twenty years, when out of the blue they discover he has passed away and they must go to their childhood home-town of Swanborough on sea to organise his funeral. What begins as an unfortunate family accident mounts into a disaster of unparalleled proportions for the two brothers as they encounter the strange, the incompetent and the the unusual during the ceremony and remember why they were so glad they left in the first place. Enjoy this original and slightly surreal audio comedy series starring Linda Robson (Birds of a Feather).

Gino Ginelli playlist – stream all 3 episodes

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Purdy and Chase – Audio Comedy Series

Purdy and Chase playlist – stream all 4 episodes here.

New private investigating duo and best friends Pen Purdy and Daisy Chase negotiate the heady mix of insurance fraud and mystery shopping, whilst dealing with their own assortment of doubts and fears in small town Wexton. Pen and Daisy are tiptoeing towards their thirties, desperately trying to face their uncertain future and the inevitable looming in the background – having to grow up.  A peculiar pair thrown into unusual situations, Purdy & Chase explores the humorous inadequacies and unexpected heroics, as they embark on their new adventure, together. Original comedy audio download series.

Starring: Jessica DennisJosephine ArdenJames Parkes

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Cock of the Walk – Audio Comedy Series

Comedy audio download series from the writers & producers of the radio sit-com Holy Smoke (Matthew Bartlett & Dominic Stephens) and written alongside two more great writers James Kermack (Newsrevue Edinburgh 09 & James Kermack Master of the Universe) & Mike Shephard (Lost Theatre Finalist 08/09 & founder member of award winning Ten in a Bed Theatre Company).

Cock of the Walk Playlist – stream all 4 episodes here.