Top 10 Audio Comedies 2023

Top 10 Audio Comedies 2023

Wireless Theatre are known for our outstanding comedy plays, and have been lucky enough to work with the cream of the comedy crop. Stephen Fry and Christopher Timothy are just two of the talented actors within our collection of comedy gems.

Our top 10 audio comedies, including downloads and streams from our website and podcasts, in order of popularity with our lovely listeners are…

Drayton Trench Episode One

Drayton Trench – Comedy Series


Jason Davis is an ordinary man who’s just witnessed an extraordinary crime. Alone and afraid, and with only one pair of trousers, he needs the help of London’s very best detective…from David K Barnes (writer of Wooden Overcoats)

Free Audio Comedy - We Are the BBC - Stephen Fry Comedy- Wireless Theatre

We Are The BBC

Follow-up to the hugely popular We Are Not The BBC, featuring Nicholas Parsons and Stephen Fry. Will Rob Sterling Davies get away with stealing his BAFTA winning script, or will Stephen Fry save the day?

Lance Manley Library Detective

Lance Manley Library Detective

Lance Manley Library Detective; not just your average gumshoe. With a million readers in the naked city, Lance is the man who has to keep them in line. In a tiny alcove, high above the stacks of the International Falls Public Library, a frosted glass door stands waiting for trouble. the word SECURITY is spelled out in black lettering on the glass, but you get the idea that security is the last thing you’ll find beyond the threshold.

Space Ladz Audio Comedy Sci-Fi Wireless Originals

Space Ladz

Audio Comedy Sci-Fi. A light hearted sci-fi comedy recorded with a live audience at London’s Lost Theatre. Three Earthmen face the morning after a stag do on an alien pleasure planet.

Country Life Wireless Original Audio Drama

Country Life

In the serene garden of a Devonshire cottage, next door neighbours Kenneth and Barbara while away their twilight years amid cups of tea, bonfires and a nice slice of Madeira cake. Following the funeral of their friend Judith, things are disrupted by the arrival of fellow mourner Jim who opens up a hornets’ nest of secrets. Starring Marji Campi (Coronation Street, Brookside)

The Chief starring Nigel Planer Wireless Originals Audio Drama

The Chief

The most important character in Downing Street is not the PM but the cat. In this audio comedy starring Nigel Planer, Oscar, the wonderfully indiscreet Downing Street cat, reveals all.

We Are Not the BBC -Christopher Timothy comedy audio play

We Are Not The BBC

In a sleepy suburb of Swansea, an Am-Dram group attempt a Mike Leigh-inspired radio play with the help of visiting celebrity Christopher Timothy, playing himself.

Galaxicabs Audio Comedy Wireless Theatre


Galaxicabs is set in the year 2168. Galaxicab 3, an interstellar taxi, is on route to pick up Ms Tender Parcels, the most famous singer in the galaxy and her frisky bitey dog. Crewed by a Captain, his co-pilot and a galactic stewardess with three arms. Let’s hope there isn’t a psychopathic serial killer on the loose… Music, Comedy, Romance, Sci-fi, and a murder mystery, all in one.

Musical Comedy by Peter Davis - The History of England - Historical Comedy MP3 Wireless Originals

The History of England

A musical comedy about early English history. Join Professor Thorney Buckshaft and the writer and performance artist known only as The Angler as they take you on a journey through England’s foundation, from the Roman Invasion of 43 to the Battle of Hastings in 1066. With songs.

Purdy and Chase Audio Comedy series

Purdy and Chase

A four part sitcom from the extremely funny pen of Dawn Crumpler. Novice private investigators and best friends, Pen Purdy and Daisy Chase negotiate a heady mix of insurance fraud and mystery shopping in small town Wexton. Will they find their feet in their new venture, and lay some ghosts to rest along the way?

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