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Comedy audio downloads to stream or download as mp3s. Radio comedy, audio sketch showsmusical comedies, comedy plays, all free! Browse our collection of free audio comedy mp3s and have a good laugh at our expense.

You might fancy some musical comedy, a comedy series like the fantastic Gino Ginelli is Dead, or audio comedy sketch shows. If biting satire is your kind of thing, check out The Chief, starring Nigel Planer of The Young Ones, or political satire Cross Party, written by Carolyn Harris and Parliamentary Member for Glasgow South Tom Harris.

Best Comedy Audio Plays

Listener favourites include Susan Casanove’s ‘We Are the BBC‘ starring Stephen Fry, (described here in Radio Today) and ‘In the meantime‘; Nicholas Parsons‘ favourite sketch show troupe. Listener nominations for the best comedy audio plays on the site include…

The Youth of Old Age – enjoyed by Emma, who is evidently hard to offend.

“My jaw dropped at some of the acerbic banter in The Youth of Old Age. Prunella Scales is on incredible form here, and makes Cybil Fawlty seem kindly by comparison. Her wickedly manipulate character will shock and amuse in equal measure”

Nick nominated a collection of plays. With some episodes played for laughs, like Apocalypse Slough, and others played straight, Couples Who Changed the World is a fun combination of the surreal and the educational.

Sophie, a regular listener, recommends Purdy and Chase

“I’ve listened to Purdy and Chase so many times now, and it never fails to crack me up. Margo the grumpy folding bicycle which folds while being ridden makes me laugh every time”

Comedy Audio Podcasts

Whether you are looking for an audio comedy download,  prefer to stream direct from the site, or listen through your favourite podcatcher, we’ll have you smiling in no time.

Check out our podcasts page to find links to our comedy audio free podcasts; the Wireless Theatre Comedy podcast, Purdy and Chase podcast and Gino Ginelli is Dead podcast available on all major podcast platforms.

Comedy Audio Playlists

If you’ve read quite enough and want to dive into a free comedy audio playlist, check out our playlists page. You can pick musical comedy, sketch comedy, satirical plays, choose a series, or play every single comedy we have in one free audio comedy playlist.

We think we have something for everyone. Comment on your favourites to let us know which ones you enjoy!