Audio Drama Script Submissions

We make up to five productions from unsolicited scripts a year. We also pitch ideas to BBC Radio 4, and to Audible. If you have a script you would like us to consider, please send over a ONE PAGE (or less) pitch containing:

– A synopsis of your idea

– Why it would work as an audio drama

– How many characters you expect it to have and a short paragraph about you as a writer.

Please send these embedded into the body of the email to

We are a very small team, so we are not able to respond to all submissions, but we do read every submission received. Here is an example of our preferred Audio Drama Formatting Sample – ideally all scripts would follow this format.

Writers retain copyright of their scripts, WTC own the copyright of the production. Accepting an offer of production with us means you agree to this.

Due to the high number of submissions we receive, you will only hear from us if your submission is successful. In 2019 we produced four original audio dramas (one series) from writers who submitted scripts via the above process.


We are mega proud to be regular content creators for Audible UK and BBC Radio 4.

If you have an idea you’d like us to pitch to Audible, please send us a short half page pitch, highlighting in particular why you think your drama would work for their platforms (they look for long content in particular) and with a rough outline of the story.

If you’d like us to consider pitching your idea to the BBC, please supply a 250 word pitch. The BBC audio drama guidelines for 2020 can be found here.


Your scripts may be edited for structure, typos and continuity. You may occasionally be asked for re-writes.

Due to the high number of productions we already have lined up, it may be many months before your script is produced. But it will be worth the wait!


Wireless Theatre offer a small fee to licence your complete high quality radio play to host through our site. We are interested in hearing your high quality MP3 formatted audio drama. To be considered for inclusion, please submit your high quality MP3 with a 600×600 pixel high quality cover image. Your work should not include copyrighted music.



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We welcome applications from actors and actresses. Once you become a member of the performance team then you will become part of of the company and will undoubtedly be involved in more audio plays, if you are interested.
Please contact us with a covering email, containing the details of your Spotlight and/or Casting Call Pro page, especially if you have online voice-reels to

Submissions including a link to a voice-reel will be considered first.

Please Note: You won’t get a reply when you send us your details, as we are lucky enough to receive many applications and we can’t acknowledge all of them. But all actor submissions are read and are kept on file – available to all our directors when casting.


We’d love to hear from you – drop us a line at and we’ll be in touch!

Sign up to our mailing list to be notified as soon as new audio drama releases are uploaded. We’re really careful not to send out endless emails, and try to keep it to only one or two a month – this may be slightly more if we have a live radio drama recording planned or some audio production news we can’t possibly keep quiet about.