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Plays Recorded Live

Wireless Theatre love the buzz of recording audio drama in front of a live audience. We’ve even been known to record on location, as with Crooker’s Kingdom, recorded on location at Cromford Mills. We hit the vaults for The Cask of Amontillado and ran around Horsell Common recording Dead London. If you weren’t lucky enough to make it to a show, here they all are for your listening pleasure!

If you’d rather stream than download, listen to our Playlists, or hear Wireless Theatre plays on your favourite podcast app.

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The Kiss - Couples who changed the world - wireless Originals Audio drama

The Kiss

The Kiss tells the story of the first interracial kiss on television, between Nichelle Nichols and William Shatner in Star Trek. Recorded live at The …
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The School Run Audio Comedy Sketch Show Rachel Atkins Wireless Originals

The School Run

Audio comedy sketch show featuring the tiger mums, tutors and toffs of the more-money-than-sense Upper Maidensreare pre-prep school. Comedy sketch show ‘The School Run’, starring …
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Audio Drama Ghost Story - The Woman on the Bridge - Marty Ross Wireless Originals

The Woman on the Bridge

Chatsworth House during the Second World War. The Devonshire family make way for an evacuated girls’ school, whose pupils discover ghost stories and a secret …
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The St Valentine's Day Murder - Radio Comedy Play - Wireless Theatre

The St Valentine’s Day Murder

The St Valentine’s Day Murder explores the happenings at the ‘Running out of Fish’ Valentine’s Day speed dating event. Events take an unromantic turn when …
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Stage Fright 2014 Wireless Originals

Stage Fright 2014

. For the third year running, we hosted STAGE FRIGHT to launch the fabulous London Horror Festival. Three plays short listed and performed live to …
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Stage Fright 2013 Wireless Originals Audio Horror Shorts

Stage Fright 2013

Stage Fright 2013. Once again Wireless Theatre were thrilled to open the London Horror Festival by recording, live at the Etcetera Theatre, three short-listed horror plays; Valley …
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Stage Fright 2012 Wireless Original Audio Horror Shorts

Stage Fright 2012

3 short horror plays submitted as part of‘s first ever STAGE FRIGHT competition, followed by a live performance from Richard O’Brien (Rocky Horror Show) …
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Sherlock Holmes Audio Comedy - Sherlock Holmes Strikes Back - Wireless Theatre

Sherlock Holmes Strikes Back

Sherlock Holmes audio comedy. Wireless Theatre resurrected the world’s greatest detective partnership to investigate once more in this fast paced and funny adventure. The …
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Redder than Roses Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Redder Than Roses

Redder than Roses is an intense intimate drama based on the lives of Mary Queen of Scots and the French poet Chastelard. No British monarch …
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Phonophobia Audio Drama from Wireless Theatre - Halloween Radio Drama


A phonophobic history student makes a dangerous discovery in a dusty old book. Will he unleash terrible supernatural powers? How does his discovery relate to …
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Open Spots

Open Spots

They say that stand up is the new Rock’n’Roll, but it’s not so cool getting to the top. A comedy about comedy, Open Spots was …
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Ladies starring Alison steadman and Rachel Atkins


Comedy. Ladies was inspired by the very real and very fraught campaign at the turn of the 20th Century to build a ladies’ loo just …
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Carried Wireless Original Audio Drama


As of 2014 Stephen King’s statistics included 66 years. 35,000,000 Words. 180 film and TV adaptations and 79 novels. this is a drama in one …
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Adolf Hitler vs Henry Ford - Radio Comedy from Edinburgh Festival Wireless Originals

Adolf Hitler vs Henry Ford

A (sort of) true account of when Henry Ford met Adolf Hitler in a nightclub and formed an unlikely friendship…. Recorded live at the Pleasance …
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Amelies Party Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Amelie’s Party

Recorded in front of a live audience at The Lost Theatre. Amelie’s Party was written, produced and performed in just 36 hours. 9 actors, 1 …
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Crookers Kingdom Part One Wireless Original Audio Drama

Crooker’s Kingdom, Part One

Recorded on Halloween night, 2015, on location at Cromford Mills. Locals warn Sir Richard Arkwright not to anger Crooker, a dangerous nature spirit, but he …
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Space Ladz Audio Comedy Sci-Fi Wireless Originals

Space Ladz

Audio Comedy Sci-Fi. A light hearted sci-fi comedy recorded with a live audience at London’s Lost Theatre. Three Earthmen face the morning after a stag …
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Time Travel Incorporated Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Time Travel Inc

Science fiction audio comedy written by Peter Davis. It’s 2057 and our hero is learning how to send clients back in time. Recorded LIVE at …
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2010 Space Commander Wireless Original

2010 Space Commander

The concept of 2010 Space Commander! came about after hours of musings on the future of the planet and us being on it – taking …
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Dead London from Wireless Theatre

Dead London

Based on H.G. Wells’s classic tale of Martian invasion, DEAD LONDON sees humanity defeated by a superior military force from another world. Recorded on location …
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