Binaural audio drama

Immersive 3D Audio Drama


Immersive Binaural Audio Drama

Looking for a fully immersive audio experience? Try our 3D binaural audio dramas, but be prepared, these are our most intense productions. Best enjoyed through headphones. Close your eyes, take a break, and prepare to be transported. Best swerved by younger listeners, some of these dramas will stay with you for a long time. Includes Edgar Allen Poe’s masterpiece The Cask of Amontillado as you have never heard it before, recorded in ancient vaults.

Blood and Stone - 3D Audio Horror Based on the True Story of Mass Murderer Countess Bathory

Blood and Stone

Blood and Stone is a 3D binaural audio horror play, so listen using headphones for the full terrifying effect. Based on the true story of prolific mass murderer Countess Elizabeth Bathory, bricked up in her own Slovakian castle for over 600 murders. 3D binaural audio horror written by Marty Ross.

Joe Walsh and the Weight of Despair Kane O' Brien

Joe Walsh and the Weight of Despair

A radio drama in which a man is being investigated in relation to the death of a woman. Using 3D Binaural audio, the listener is placed inside the mans mind, hearing what he hears and experiencing his feelings as he drifts from reality, delusion, truth and lies. This drama contains disturbing themes and sound effects. Not suitable for young listeners.

Over the Rainbow Radio Romania Audio Drama

Over the Rainbow

A binaural short radio drama. Originally produced for Radio Romania and shared with the kind permission of the creators, this binaural short radio drama Over the Rainbow is an alarm signal regarding contemporary society and our possible future, focusing on the isolation and loss of the individual in a world that grows more robotic and mechanised each day.

The Autopsy - Binaural Audio Drama from Wireless Theatre - Horror Audio Play

The Autopsy

A man under pressure. A heated argument. A fatal heart attack. But Jeff’s death was only the beginning. A binaural audio thriller best enjoyed through headphones for full 3d effect. “Absolutely terrifying” – John Rippon

The Cask of Amontillado - 3D Audio Horror - Edgar Allen Poe

The Cask of Amontillado

3D Audio Horror. Edgar Allan Poe’s masterpiece, recorded on location in ancient vaults as a binaural audio drama. Montresor lures Fortunato into the family vault…

The Passenger and The River - 3D Horror audiodrama - Wireless Theatre

The Passenger / The River

A couple pick up an apparently injured man in the New Forest, with sickening results. The River is a tale of bereavement, nightmares, and watery graves. Haunting tales in 3D sound.

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  1. Wow! Every one a gem…I am having so much enjoyment listening to your excellent output, brilliant. I travel a lot so these are a boon, but sometimes I have to slow down to make sure I don’t miss the ends! You are so talented and so imaginative, my prayers answered…a source of gorgeous audio, thank you all


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