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Wireless Theatre at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017

Edinburgh Fringe Audio Comedy

Audio Plays presented by Wireless Theatre and friends at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Audio comedy and audio drama, free to stream and download.
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Nigel Planer stars in audio comedy 'The CHief' by Ollie Cookson - Wireless Theatre

My First Page, By Ollie Cookson

Feb 22, 2017 Ever since I was a boy I’ve grown up around scripts. Being the son of a incredibly talented and successful BBC radio producer/director,…
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Dead London cast and crew - Wireless Theatre

Radio Free Mars

Jan 16, 2017  By Robert Valentine No one would have believed, in the last days of two-thousand-and-sixteen, that the copyright status of H.G. Well’s seminal…
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Peter Davis Cheer Creator for Wireless Theatre

Some Writing by Peter Davis

Hi. My name is Peter Davis. I am a writer/director/performer and have been involved with The Wireless Theatre Company in a few productions.
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