New Audio Dramas for 2022

New Releases

Looking for our very latest offerings? You’re in the right place. Enjoy our 2022 releases such as New Wireless Originals play Open Air, prohibition era bar owner and detective Rum Runner Sue, modern fairytale Bog Girl, and many more…

Geezer Bird by Tash Desborough from Wireless Theatre

Geezer Bird

Erotophobe ladette Sammy (24) is unexpectedly thrown on-air under the mononym ‘Angelique’, where she naively takes on the persona of an audio dominatrix.  Set in the late 1990s…
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A Christmas Tale by Ross Burman read by Peter Kenny

A Christmas Tale

A sweet Christmas tale for children by Ross Burman, read by Peter Kenny. Kevin is an ogre. Christmas is a strange time for ogres, when they take…
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Love for Menabilly audio play about Daphne du Maurier

Love for Menabilly

Love for Menabilly is an original audio play written by Jo-Ann Challis, exploring the relationship between Daphne Du Maurier and the house she loved. Menabilly is a house…
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Wireless Original Open Air by Zalie Burrow

Open Air

Ruby leaves her beloved, pandemic struck theatre company and takes the long drive back to her father’s Devon farm to find him struggling. Ruby has a lot…
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Bog Girl Dina Soraya gregory and Rosabella Gregory, performed by Louisa Clein

Bog Girl

A boy with an incurable illness longs to experience peace and solitude on a final adventure. His wish is granted by an online Genie who arranges his…
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New on Audible

We’ve been busy recording Audible Original dramas too! Our latest Audible release features a wonderful full cast in a children’s story with a message.

The Ice Children

The Ice Children Audible Original produced by Wireless Theatre