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Blood and Stone - 3D Audio Horror Based on the True Story of Mass Murderer Countess Bathory

Blood and Stone

Blood and Stone is a 3D binaural audio horror play, so listen using headphones for the full terrifying effect. Based on the true story of…
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Crooker's Kingdom Part One - Supernatural Audio Drama - Sir Richard Arkwright

Crooker’s Kingdom, Part One

Recorded on Halloween night, 2015, on location at Cromford Mills. Locals warn Sir Richard Arkwright not to anger Crooker, a dangerous nature spirit, but he…
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Dream On

Dream On

Robert is having a dream. Breakfast with his wife. His ex-wife. His dead ex-wife. The next night, there she is again, hauntingly familiar in the…
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lohengrin retold 300x300 1

Lohengrin Retold

What is Brabant’s dark secret? A man arrives in the city of Cardiff, haunted by his past – he tells the chilling story of the…
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Medusa on the beach

Medusa on the Beach

A perfectly ordinary, past-its-best English seaside town. Except why has everyone there been turned to stone? Two seriously out-of-their-depth police officers uncover the strange tale…
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Night of the Orchid - Audio Horror from Wireless Theatre written by Marty Ross

Night of the Orchid

A contemporary Gothic drama of desire and death, and of love and vengeance beyond the grave, set in the isolation of snowbound Scottish countryside. written…
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Phonophobia Audio Drama from Wireless Theatre - Halloween Radio Drama


A phonophobic history student makes a dangerous discovery in a dusty old book. Will he unleash terrible supernatural powers? How does his discovery relate to…
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Skin audio thriller


Nominated for best Actress in a Radio Drama at the 2020 One Voice Conference. A few months ago, London-based Vivian Shorewood decided to take a…
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Stage Fright 2 300x300 1

Stage Fright 2012

3 short horror plays submitted as part of‘s first ever STAGE FRIGHT competition, followed by a live performance from Richard O’Brien (Rocky Horror Show)…
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Stage Fright 300x300 2

Stage Fright 2013

Once again Wireless Theatre were thrilled to open the London Horror Festivalby recording, live at the Etcetera Theatre, three short-listed horror plays; Valley House, The Skulkand Cool Head.…
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The Autopsy - Binaural Audio Drama from Wireless Theatre - Horror Audio Play

The Autopsy

A man under pressure. A heated argument. A fatal heart attack. But Jeff’s death was only the beginning. A binaural audio thriller best enjoyed through…
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The Cask of Amontillado - 3D Audio Horror - Edgar Allen Poe

The Cask of Amontillado

3D Audio Horror. Edgar Allan Poe’s masterpiece, recorded on location in ancient vaults as a binaural audio drama. Montresor lures Fortunato into the family vault…
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Audio Drama Ghost Story - The Woman on the Bridge - Marty Ross

The Woman on the Bridge

Chatsworth House during the Second World War. The Devonshire family make way for an evacuated girls’ school, whose pupils discover ghost stories and a secret…
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Valentine's Day Audio thriller by Derek Webb

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day. Creepy audio thriller. Married Nicola receives a mystery Valentine from a stranger with a dark obsession. ‘Stuart’ seem to know her well, and…
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Windover - A Supernatural Radio Play - Ghost Story - North Devon


A haunting and memorable tale set on the wild Atlantic coast of North Devon. 19 year old Jenny is pleased to inherit her grandmother’s cottage,…
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