Client testimonials

“Wireless Theatre’s casting expertise was pivotal in putting together a fantastic ensemble cast who could cover the huge number of supporting characters we needed for The Sandman.”

Dirk Maggs (Director, Producer of The Sandman)

“David and the Wireless Team were fantastic at casting The Nox with a-list suggestions that perfectly fit our character descriptions.”

Coex Studios

Listener’s Feedback and Press Reviews

We love hearing your thoughts about what we do – below are just some of the listener’s comments and press quotes we’ve had. If you’d like to let us know your thoughts, please email: info@wirelesstheatre.co.uk, thank you!

Listener’s Feedback

Oliver Twist Audible Original directed by David Beck Executive Produced by Sam Mendes all star cast

Audible Listener Reviews

You feel every beat in your bones during this new production of a classic. Everything from the music, production, and acting is exquisite.”

“This is the most immersive and engaging version ever crafted. It is superbly acted throughout and with its 3D audio production brings Victorian England stunningly to life, an astounding audio feast for the ears, especially when listened to on headphones.”

“I wasn’t just pleasantly surprised with this adaptation, but I thoroughly enjoyed the production, so much that I listened to it twice. Once without headphones – amazing. The second time with… this was spectacular – like a mini drama for my senses. A very different experience and well worth immersing yourself by wearing headphones. Loved it … well done on the cast, the music and the memories.”

“Fabulous performances all around. What words could ever speak better than those by Dickens himself. Oliver Twist spoken through the actors is a masterclass performance of a timeless masterpiece. I could happily revisit this title time and time again.”

“Finished within a day, an immersive experience with the 3D sound. Brilliant on headphones. Incredible acting by all the cast…moved me to tears more than once.”

“This is my first time listening to Oliver Twist and it was an immersive masterpiece!”

“Absolutely brilliant!!! One of the best adaptations of Charles Dicken’s “Oliver Twist” that I have ever heard. Every character was portrayed in such a convincing way by each of the actors, I could see each scene so clearly. I loved it. WOW!!!”

Why sometimes Ive believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast

The Wireless Theatre Company is one of the – if not the – most innovative and daring producers of consistently good audio drama around.

Tim Prasil
The Jungle Book Listener Feedback

Your works are an inspiration to the medium.

J Snowe

“I have really enjoyed listening to your dramas, as an ex-pat Brit living in oz it has brought me great happiness. I am happy to pay  to listen. keep up the good work, it is fantastic.

Alan Cowdery, Australia

“Absolutely Brilliant. I don’t own a TV. Love radio plays and yours are excellent. Keep up the good work.

Tom Walsh, Dublin Ireland 

I have found your website to be very entertaining and amusing. Congratulations. I have recommended it to my friends.

Ralf Kölzer, Düsseldorf, Germany

“What an awesome company. Brilliant. Utterly brilliant.

Robert Harper 

I want to join the voices of praise and let you know that you really know how to turn any genre into a masterpiece. I have enjoyed everything that my ears have been able to snap up here. The Youth of Old Age – now that was really something. Amazing wit, satire and drama all rolled into one. You have outstanding actors. Awesome. Discovering you was like unearthing a legendary buried treasure. Thank you!


Great site, fantastic stuff on here, I’m passing the word round as fast as I can.


As a very longtime fan of old-time radio I must compliment the fellow artists (and staff!!) that have brought these swell productions which are modern yet retain the old time flavor of the golden days of yesteryear!!

Rich Wretch, New York City 

“Fantastic website, brill fun!

Michael Starr 
Outstanding Audio Drama

Surfed the rest but have got to the best. Great find!

Judith Clarke-Hassell 
Classic Audio Drama

As someone who grew up with radio drama instead of television, I cannot even begin to tell you how delighted I was to come across your website. It’s a dream come true for me, and I wish you the utmost success.

Esther Harper 

Although others come close, yours is the best-quality audio theatre I’ve heard on the internet. It rivals and even surpasses commercial productions, which is a welcome rarity.

Kevin Donnelly, San Francisco 

Wireless Theatre Company in the press

 “WTC is a fantastic resource and should really be on every radio drama fan’s favourites list.


Once again, the Wireless Theatre Company has produced an energising, bewitching, atmospheric piece of radio” FULL REVIEWS HERE and HERE

Blogtor Who 

“The Wireless Theatre Company is the best internet audio drama production company. Their product is professional and original. One can’t go wrong with The Wireless Theatre Company.

EarStory Radio Review 

“My personal guarantee is this; If you like good theater, if you like powerful acting, and great drama, The Wireless Theatre Company will be one your number one podcast audio drama companies. Wireless Theatre Company provides a great partnership between those in the creative community and the modern audio theater audience. They simply make fantastic audio that must be heard. Be prepared to be challenged as a listener. If you’re up for the challenge. These plays will transform you.” 

5+/5 Audio Drama Review

Regent Times – WTC excels at it’s art. A true find for all audio enthusiasts!

“The judges were impressed with the variety of the audio, the quality of the production and wish to support the pioneering spirit of innovation and working for new audiences.

The Radio Academy – Best Entertainment Producer

The judges loved the refreshing nature of these online dramas and the fact that the company uncovers so much original material through its website – adding to the multi-platform element. They were impressed with the high production values and creative use of audio and also enjoyed the use of live recordings. Judges also noted the impressive line-up of professionals working with the company and the company’s recent launch of their productions for children.

The Radio Academy – Best Online/Multi Platform Creator

Rush, rush, rush to the Wireless Theatre website!

The Stage

This award celebrates the boundless hard work of Mariele Runacre Temple in creating and evolving The Wireless Theatre Company into a cauldron of excellence of new and exciting radio drama.

John Park, Editor, Fringe Report 

 “To be there when a Wireless Theatre Live radio drama is being recorded is thrilling!

The Guardian

 If you’re a fan of audio dramas then I would urge you to hunt down The Springheel Saga and jump onboard as it is a heady cocktail of pulp adventure, mystery and murder with some great voice acting and sound effects.” FULL REVIEW

Geek Syndicate 

” 4/5 stars for Springheel Saga.” FULL REVIEW

Geek Syndicate

The Wireless Theatre Company are, just as advertised, a true audio theatre company, bringing interesting audio plays put together by a talented crew without the boundries of format or genre. If one of their shows isn’t your cup of tea, the next one is bound to be completely different. Great stuff.

Decoder Ring Theatre 

What a wonderful website!

London Theatre Guide

10/10 for The Springheel Saga.” FULL REVIEW

Starburst Magazine 

 “If you are interested in Victorian drama, comedy, horror or just great plays which are well written and have great cast then you ought to be aware of the Wireless Theatre Company

Starburst Magazine

The Springheel Saga is a classy production.” FULL REVIEW

Watching Books

 “I genuinely cannot recommend this series highly enough. Its extremely well done. The overall production is very confident in its approach and the storytelling is top notch, giving us rewarding character journeys and a romp of adventure, mixed with very sinister and spooky undertones. These tales become a completely immersive experience and manage to fully encapsulate the folklore and backdrop of a very dark and mysterious Victorian London. Its superbly executed on every level.

Kasterborous Doctor Who (on The Springheel Saga)

This audio production provides a master class in inhabiting character, interpretation of text, and vocal technique.

Audiofile – (On ‘Les Liaisons Dangereuses’)