Musical Comedy Radio Plays for MP3 Download

Musical Comedy

Musical comedy audio plays for download. Featuring No Cause for a Llama and Davis and McQuillan. Laugh yourself silly while humming along!

Enjoy our latest musical comedy with a historical theme; The History of England from Peter Davis (Davis and McQuillan, Galaxicabs, The Trial of Sherlock Holmes). Join Professor Thorney Buckshaft on a musical journey from AD43 to the Battle of Hastings.

If you’d rather stream than download, listen to our Musical Comedy Playlist, or find Wireless Theatre comedies on your favourite podcast app.

Stream - No Cause For A Llama


Stream! Ladies and gentlemen of the planet Earth. Do not panic. This is a pig…
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Llamageddon part two - The Apacalyptic Conclusion from No Cause For a Llama

Llamageddon Part Two

The Alpacalyptic Conclusion. Gonad Saffron, having failed to answer God’s general knowledge question correctly has…
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