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Wireless Theatre – Audio Production London

With over fifteen years experience in creating award winning, professional quality audio productions, Wireless Theatre Ltd work with top-of-the-range actors, writers, technicians and producers in London-based recording studios, with a proven, reliable and fast turn-around.

Whether you’re looking for a commercial, a voice-over or an audio play or podcast, award winning audio producers Wireless Theatre can deliver a competitive and bespoke audio product for your needs.

Dominic West recording with WTC for Audible UK
Dominic West recording with Wireless Theatre Ltd for Audible UK

Wireless Theatre have over 15 years experience of speech radio production, producing premium quality long form audio drama. We can handle all elements of the process, including:

Audio Pre-Production

  • Building expert teams, including Director, Producer, Production Assistants, Casting Director/Assistants, Broadcast Assistants, Composers, Vocal Editors, Sound designers, Engineers, Runners
  • Building recording schedules
  • Budgeting
  • Script editing

Audio Casting

  • Offers, negotiation, contracting (deal making) and paying of actors.
  • Casting for large scale multi-cast productions
  • High profile talent deals (examples include; David Morrissey, Colin Salmon, Rebecca Hall, Bill Bailey, Stephen Fry, Prunella Scales, Julian Glover, Meera Syal and many more)
  • Running auditions

Audio Recording

  • Studio/Location/Binaural recording
  • Engineers
  • Exclusive rates with London studios

Audio Post Production

  • Full vocal edits
  • Full sound design
  • Full composition
  • Dolby Atmos

Hire us to do any or all of these things, or just to handle specific elements. We can work with you in an audio consultant role if you’re dipping your toe into audio drama for the first time and just need some guidance. For any aspect of expert audio production London based Wireless Theatre Ltd can help.

Sophie Okonedo and Paterson Joseph in Murder on the Orient Express
Sophie Okonedo and Paterson Joseph in the award-winning Murder on the Orient Express

Previous collaborative projects include:

  • Compromised (Quinn)
  • The Inventor’s Apprentice (Quinn)
  • The Misty Door (Quinn)
  • What Walls Hold (with Loftus Media – BBC Radio 3)
  • The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend (BBC Radio 4)
  • Oliver Twist” (Casting and full production services, executive produced by Sam Mendes – Audible)
  • The Sandman, Casting Support (Dirk Maggs – Audible)
  • The Austen Collection, Production and casting support (Various directors – Audible)
  • Knight Sir Louis, Audiobook, Director and sound design services (Audible)
  • Writ in Water (BBC Radio 4)
  • Lady MacBeth of Mtsensk (BBC Radio 4)
  • The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (award-winning – RNIB)
  • THE JUNGLE BOOK (Audible)

Why use Wireless Theatre?

We are a multi award winning audio production company who were at the forefront of digital online audio drama. We have a large and hugely experienced team of audio experts who cover every corner of audio drama and book production and regularly create work for audio giants such as Audible and BBC Radio 4.

Audio Production London

With a large client list, including Quinn, Audible, RNIB, BBC Radio 4, The British Library, Squadify, London RIB Tours and Maat Brands we have the experience and tools to create your ideal audio at the most competitive rates on the market.

Wireless Theatre Ltd - audio Production London - Bill Bailey in the Jungle Book
Bill Bailey in The Jungle Book for Audible UK – Wireless Theatre Ltd Audio Production London

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