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Enjoy the edgy and modern DELETE, written by super talented Nina Millns, police drama OMEGA by the fantastic Elizabeth Parikh. Don’t miss The Springheel Saga and Red Moon, award winning alternative history series from Robert Valentine.

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1101 Wellington Way audio drama by Viv Lermond

1101 Wellington Way

1101 Wellington Way. New audio drama from Vivian Lermond. A nosey neighbour and a watermain burst brings an unpleasant revelation for the new tenant at …
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A Friend in Me Audio Drama Wireless Originals

A Friend in Me

A Friend in me. 13 year old John meets a young girl and they quickly become friends. Little do they know what a unique and …
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Angel Wireless Original Audio Drama


Claire Skinner (Outnumbered) has finally achieved her dream of having a baby, in her forties. Neglecting her husband (Jamie Glover – Waterloo Road) and devoted …
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Angels in the Dark by Susan Casanove Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Angels in the Dark

Roger Benezoscee is like the worst boss you’ve ever had times ten. What could possibly force this obnoxious, egotistical old megalomaniac to change his ways? …
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Battle Cries Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Battle Cries

Battle Cries. Audio Drama inspired by the Arab Spring of 2011. Jane Downs has written from a woman’s perspective on the Arab Spring, referencing the …
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Blue Sky Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Blue Sky

Blue Sky is a story about faith over fate, love torn by human frailty and a union worth the raising of a final toast – …
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Cake audio drama starring Maggie Turner


Cake, an audio drama starring Maggie Turner. 73-year-old retired Betty was absolutely overjoyed when she recently became employed as a taste-tester at The Marigold Meadow …
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Carried Wireless Original Audio Drama


As of 2014 Stephen King’s statistics included 66 years. 35,000,000 Words. 180 film and TV adaptations and 79 novels. this is a drama in one …
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Country Life Wireless Original Audio Drama

Country Life

In the serene garden of a Devonshire cottage, next door neighbours Kenneth and Barbara while away their twilight years amid cups of tea, bonfires and …
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Deception Audio Drama from Wireless Originals


1936. The rising danger of fascism is setting Europe ablaze. In England the policy is to keep the peace at all costs. But not everyone …
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Delete Audio Drama Nina Millns

DELETE Episode 1

Sue is dating. Mostly men with beards. Sue is Tanya’s parole officer. Tanya needs to stay clean. Tanya needs to serve her community sentence by …
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Delete Audio Drama Nina Millns

DELETE Episode 2

Sue is dating. Mostly men with beards. Sue is Tanya’s parole officer. Tanya needs to stay clean. Tanya needs to serve her community sentence by …
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Dream me a Winter Wireless Theatre

Dream Me a Winter

Dream Me a Winter was written for the Old Vic 24 Hour Plays Celebrity Gala 2006, which saw six selected writers asked to each write …
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Dream On Audio Drama Wireless Originals

Dream On

Robert is having a dream. Breakfast with his wife. His ex-wife. His dead ex-wife. The next night, there she is again, hauntingly familiar in the …
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Emails Abroad audio drama Wireless Originals

Emails Abroad

A radio play based on travels abroad relayed by e-mails between the ingenuous first-time traveller and her disillusioned home-bound sister. Culminating in their role-reversal, and …
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Enter Queen Lear Audio Drama from Wireless Theatre

Enter Queen Lear

An ageing, glamorous film star falls in love with a younger man. Now, past her cast-by- date, she agrees to play Lear as a woman …
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Frozen audio drama from Wireless Theatre


Frozen. A dark tale of two very opposing worlds colliding. The effect two total strangers can have on each other when events spiral out of …
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Ground Up by Fiona Glen

Ground Up

‘Ground Up’ takes us into the wake of environmental protests, where five objects scattered on London’s streets go unnoticed – but notice more than you …
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His Most Obedient Servant LGBT+ Audio Drama Wireless Theatre

His Most Obedient Servant

Set in late-Victorian England, this drama explores the tragic effects of Victorian attitudes to homosexuality, and how it affected politicians and artists. These including Oscar …
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I Heart Amy Audio Drama Wireless Originals

I Heart Amy

Young widow Amy is moving forward with her life. She has arranged to meet up with Joe, an old ‘friend’ in the hope of reigniting …
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Jacker and Baker Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Jacker and Baker

Two students, Arnold Nugent Strode Strode-Jackson and Philip John Noel-Baker, became lifelong friends when they were unexpectedly chosen to represent Britain at the 1912 Stockholm …
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Karen's Town

Karen’s Town

It’s 1965 and a pregnant Karen and her two children are moving to a new estate. It looks like the future – but what does …
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Kindred Part One Audio Drama

Kindred – Part One

Kindred is a two part audio play written by award winning playwright Jaki McCarrick. A very loose interpretation of Euripides’ Electra, set on the Irish …
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Lie Detector audio drama from Wireless Theatre

Lie Detector

A suspect is questioned by a secret service agent using sophisticated polygraph equipment with surprising results. Satire, by playwright Peter Yates, starring Mariele Runacre-Temple and …
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OMEGA police audio drama episode 1

Omega episode 1

Omega is an exciting and fast paced police drama based in Northern England, written by ex-police officer Elizabeth Parikh. Newly qualified Police Officer PC Gifty …
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Omega Episode 2 Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Omega episode 2

Newly qualified Police Officer PC Gifty Zahra has at last fulfilled a lifelong ambition to join the force, now finds herself mixed up in corruption.
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Omega Episode 3 Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Omega episode 3

Newly qualified Police Officer PC Gifty Zahra has at last fulfilled a lifelong ambition to join the force, now finds herself mixed up in corruption.
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Omega Episode 4 Wireless Originals

Omega episode 4

Newly qualified Police Officer PC Gifty Zahra has at last fulfilled a lifelong ambition to join the force, now finds herself mixed up in corruption.
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On Three with Prunella Scales and Timothy West

On Three

Timothy West and Prunella Scales star in this touching, yet funny drama about an elderly couple fulfilling their son’s final wishes. With original music by …
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Peace and War Audio Drama from Wireless Theatre

Peace and War

Peace and War explores the extraordinary life of Evelyn, who at the start of WW1 went to France to nurse injured soldiers at the Front. …
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Purple Moon Federico Garcia Lorca

Purple Moon

The intense and shocking life of perhaps Spain’s greatest modern poet, Federico Garcia Lorca, assassinated by General Franco’s facist regime. With music from world renowned …
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Redder than Roses Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Redder Than Roses

Redder than Roses is an intense intimate drama based on the lives of Mary Queen of Scots and the French poet Chastelard. No British monarch …
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Running to stand still

Running to Stand Still

An original audio play (with songs), featuring Jilly Breeze and Dawn Stanley, with cameos from BBC Radio presenters, that deals with the illness M.E. Written …
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Seasons with Prunella Scales and Timothy West Wireless Originals Audio Drama


Seasons. Harold and Joan, an elderly, loving couple, are settling down into retirement for the end of their days together. However, as time moves forward, …
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Shared starring Rula Lenska and Jenny Runacre


When Patricia visits the grave of her recently deceased husband, Richard, the last thing she expects to find is another grieving woman. Realising she is …
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Silver Wedding Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Silver Wedding

Silver Wedding, by Fiz Marcus. After 25 Years of marriage Barbara is determined to celebrate with a black tie dinner for 60 people at The …
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The Ballad of C3.3 Oscar Wilde The Ballad of Reading Gaol

The Ballad of C3.3

The Ballad of C3.3. Oscar Wilde was incarcerated in Reading after being convicted of homosexual offences in 1895 and sentenced to two years’ hard labour. …
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The Benjamin Peel Collection

The Benjamin Peel Collection

Three audio dramas that are in turns funny, dark and gently satirical. Includes The Packsaddle Librarian, set in depression-era America, The Interrogator, a psychological battle …
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The Ceremony directed by Prunella Scales. Wireless Originals

The Ceremony

The Ceremony. On a quiet coast lie the seagulls, a distressed ship and the home of a lonely lady and her gardener. Then the quiet …
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The Kiss - Couples who changed the world - wireless Originals Audio drama

The Kiss

The Kiss tells the story of the first interracial kiss on television, between Nichelle Nichols and William Shatner in Star Trek. Recorded live at The …
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Turning the Tide Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Turning the Tide

Ever since he was young, Larry has tried to avoid confrontation. Recently widowed, he tries to be a good father to his son Toby. When …
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Wild Elusive Butterfly Act One Wireless Originals Audio drama

Wild Elusive Butterfly Act I

In Act One of Wild Elusive Butterfly, cargo vessel Turmoil prepares to set sail for the Southern Ocean. Shipowner Daisy Ballantyne and cargo owner …
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