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Enjoy the edgy and modern DELETE, written by super talented Nina Millns, police drama OMEGA by the fantastic Elizabeth Parikh. Don’t miss The Springheel Saga and Red Moon, award winning alternative history series from Robert Valentine.

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147 - An audio short story from Wireless Theatre


The world’s first Tourettes Snooker player – and he’s in the world final. Will he…
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Angel Wireless Original Audio Drama


Claire Skinner (Outnumbered) has finally achieved her dream of having a baby, in her…
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Battle Cries Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Battle Cries

Battle Cries. Audio Drama inspired by the Arab Spring of 2011. Jane Downs has written…
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Blue Sky Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Blue Sky

Blue Sky is a story about faith over fate, love torn by human frailty and…
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Bog Girl Dina Soraya gregory and Rosabella Gregory, performed by Louisa Clein

Bog Girl

A boy with an incurable illness longs to experience peace and solitude on a final…
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Cake audio drama starring Maggie Turner


Cake, an audio drama starring Maggie Turner. 73-year-old retired Betty was absolutely overjoyed when she…
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Carried Wireless Original Audio Drama


As of 2014 Stephen King’s statistics included 66 years. 35,000,000 Words. 180 film and TV…
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Country Life Wireless Original Audio Drama

Country Life

In the serene garden of a Devonshire cottage, next door neighbours Kenneth and Barbara while…
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Deception Audio Drama from Wireless Originals


1936. The rising danger of fascism is setting Europe ablaze. In England the policy is…
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Dream On Audio Drama Wireless Originals

Dream On

Robert is having a dream. Breakfast with his wife. His ex-wife. His dead ex-wife. The…
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Emails Abroad audio drama Wireless Originals

Emails Abroad

A radio play based on travels abroad relayed by e-mails between the ingenuous first-time traveller…
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Frozen audio drama from Wireless Theatre


Frozen. A dark tale of two very opposing worlds colliding. The effect two total strangers…
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Geezer Bird by Tash Desborough from Wireless Theatre

Geezer Bird

Erotophobe ladette Sammy (24) is unexpectedly thrown on-air under the mononym ‘Angelique’, where she naively…
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Ground Up by Fiona Glen

Ground Up

‘Ground Up’ takes us into the wake of environmental protests, where five objects scattered on…
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Jacker and Baker Wireless Originals Audio Drama

Jacker and Baker

Two students, Arnold Nugent Strode Strode-Jackson and Philip John Noel-Baker, became lifelong friends when they…
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Lie Detector audio drama from Wireless Theatre

Lie Detector

A suspect is questioned by a secret service agent using sophisticated polygraph equipment with surprising…
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On Three with Prunella Scales and Timothy West

On Three

Timothy West and Prunella Scales star in this touching, yet funny drama about an elderly…
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Wireless Original Open Air by Zalie Burrow

Open Air

Ruby leaves her beloved, pandemic struck theatre company and takes the long drive back to…
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Purple Moon Federico Garcia Lorca

Purple Moon

The intense and shocking life of perhaps Spain’s greatest modern poet, Federico Garcia Lorca, assassinated…
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