Top 10 Audio Dramas 2023

Top 10 Audio Dramas 2023

Wireless Theatre has a huge collection of top quality radio plays for your listening enjoyment, but here are our most popular dramas to get you started. Listen to plays from talented writers such as Nina Millns, Robert Valentine and Elizabeth Parikh. If you’re more in the mood for a good laugh, don’t miss out on our top 10 audio comedy plays. If it’s thrills and chills that excite you, our most popular horror and thrillers are right this way…

Our top 10 audio dramas, including downloads and streams from our website and podcasts, in order of popularity with our lovely listeners are…

Our Top 10 Audio Dramas

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The Strange Case of Springheel’d Jack – 9 Part Full Cast Drama

Multi Award Winning Audio Drama, based on the mysterious Victorian urban legend of Springheel’d Jack. The first episode of the first series of the critically acclaimed Springheel Saga featuring the late great Nicholas Parsons and the equally great Julian Glover. Who, or what, is the terrifying attacker with glowing eyes, white oilskin suit, and amazing jumping ability?

Red Moon Wireless Originals from Wireless Theatre Ltd

Red Moon : 6 Part Alternative History Sci-Fi

London, 1979. As American and Soviet moon bases aim their nuclear missiles at targets across the planet, former MI5 officer Eddie Sloper is about to uncover a deadly secret. Award Winning Alternative History Sci-Fi Audio Drama featured on BBC Radio Four.

1101 Wellington Way audio drama by Viv Lermond

1101 Wellington Way

1101 Wellington Way. New audio drama from Vivian Lermond. A nosey neighbour and a watermain burst brings an unpleasant revelation for the new tenant at Wellington Way in this new play by Vivian Lermond. Performed by Glen Dickson, Karen Fraser and Titch McClean

Joe Walsh and the Weight of Despair Kane O' Brien

Joe Walsh and the Weight of Despair

A radio drama in which a man is being investigated in relation to the death of a woman. Using 3D Binaural audio, the listener is placed inside the mans mind, hearing what he hears and feeling what

he feels as he drifts from reality, delusion, truth and lies. This drama contains disturbing themes and sound effects. Not suitable for young listeners.

A Friend in Me Audio Drama Wireless Originals

A Friend in Me

A Friend in me. 13 year old John meets a young girl and they quickly become friends. Little do they know what a unique and life changing friendship it will turn into… This play is in memory of Marsha Daniels. Starring: Paul Thomas, Faye Honeysett, Reuben Anderson and Neil Frost

Rum Runner Sue Oeuf is Enough

Rum Runner Sue – Ouef is Enough

Rum Runner Sue, prohibition-era bar owner and skilled amateur detective. Sue and Mary are enjoying a rare day off on horseback, until they stumble across an unpopular local in a bad way…

Love for Menabilly audio play about Daphne du Maurier

Love for Menabilly

Love for Menabilly is an original audio play written by Jo-Ann Challis, exploring the relationship between Daphne Du Maurier and the house she loved.

Menabilly is a house with a past, but seemingly no future. Hidden away from prying eyes on a Cornish peninsula, Mena’s been abandoned by its owners and left to rot. It’s hurting and lonely, and embarrassed by its shabby appearance.

We can all dream can't we audio drama

We Can All Dream, Can’t We?

Mary’s husband always said she had too much imagination. Well it doesn’t do any harm… or does it? Mary is a resident in a retirement home full of activities and ‘foreign’ staff. It’s Mother’s Day, and Mary looks through cards from her distant children as she muses on her life. Short and touching audio monologue written and performed by Fiz Marcus

Cake audio drama starring Maggie Turner


Cake, an audio drama starring Maggie Turner. 73-year-old retired Betty was absolutely overjoyed when she recently became employed as a taste-tester at The Marigold Meadow Organic and Gluten Free Bakery, after answering an advertisement in the Hillingdon Recorder. However, a couple of weeks ago she was given some news that will change everything…

Omega Police Audio Drama Wireless Theatre Originals


Omega is an exciting and fast paced police drama based in Northern England, written by ex-police officer Elizabeth Parikh. Newly qualified Police Officer PC Gifty Zahra finds herself mixed up in corruption after making a gruesome discovery. Jessica Murrain and Rebekah Hinds star as PC Gifty Zahra and DS Angela Appleby.

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