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Audio Science Fiction

Audio Sci-Fi plays and series from award winning Wireless Theatre. MP3 downloads direct to your phone or device, all totally free!

Download the audio plays, stream our handy science fiction playlists, or check out our podcasts page to see if you can enjoy Wireless Theatre Sci-Fi on your favourite podcast app.

Dead London from Wireless Theatre

Dead London

Based on H.G. Wells’s tale of Martian invasion, with Brian Blessed, the winning entry in the War of the Worlds 75th Anniversary Contest. Full Cast…
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The year 2168. Galaxicab 3, an interstellar taxi, is on route to pick up the most famous singer in the galaxy.
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Space Ladz Audio Comedy Sci-Fi

Space Ladz

Audio Comedy Sci-Fi. A light hearted sci-fi comedy recorded with a live audience at London’s Lost Theatre. Three Earthmen face the morning after a stag…
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Time Travel Incorporated

Time Travel Inc

Science fiction audio comedy written by Peter Davis. It’s 2057 and our hero is learning how to send clients back in time. Recorded LIVE at…
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