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Family Friendly Plays

Family-friendly audio plays for download without explicit themes or offensive language!

If you’d rather stream than download, listen to our Family Friendly Playlist, or find Wireless Theatre Kids on your favourite podcast app.

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Bog Girl Dina Soraya gregory and Rosabella Gregory, performed by Louisa Clein

Bog Girl

A boy with an incurable illness longs to experience peace and solitude on a final adventure. His wish is granted by an online ‘Genie’ who …
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Twenty Six Miles

Twenty Six Miles

Twenty Six Miles’ is a compelling and amusing drama about Dorando Pietri, the Italian marathon runner, who in the 1908 London Olympics, collapsed as he …
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Rat - a short radio play recorded on location


Recorded on location, and released in just 48 hours, Rat is a radio play by Ann Theato. A dying rat appears outside a block of …
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