The Autopsy

The Autopsy

The Autopsy
Binaural Audio Drama

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A man under pressure. A heated argument. A fatal heart attack.

This should have been the day Jeff died. Except this time, his death was only the beginning…

This is a binaural recording – best listened to through headphones!

This is a BINAURAL recording and must be listened to with headphones for the full effect.

We suggest listening alone…. in the dark….!

Starring: Richard HoltAnn TheatoMatthew Jure and Alex Hall

“Absolutely terrifying” 

John Rippon

Written By: Gareth Parker

Edited By: Ross Burman

Directed By: Mariele Runacre Temple

This production is not suitable for under 16′s!

A pretty dark production, memorable stuff.


Warning! This is pretty gruesome!! Loved it but perhaps should have braced myself a little more for a play entitled ‘Autopsy’. Great acting.

Audio Fan

Completely encapsulating and horrifying! A unique take on the concept of death, utilising the audio format to its advantage. Well acted and well written! Engaging from the beginning right to the end.


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