Satirical Plays

Satirical Plays

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Adolf Hitler vs Henry Ford - Radio Comedy from Edinburgh Festival Wireless Originals
Wireless Theatre Comedy
Adolf Hitler vs Henry Ford
  • Adolf Hitler vs Henry Ford

    Adolf Hitler vs Henry Ford

    Apr 25, 2020 • 00:38:31

    A (sort of) true account of when Henry Ford met Adolf Hitler in a nightclub and formed an unlikely friendship…. Recorded live at the Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh

  • Cross Party

    Cross Party

    Apr 25, 2020 • 00:45:48

    The debut radio play from Carolyn Harris and Parliamentary Member for Glasgow South Tom Harris.  It’s a hilarious comedy about the political machinations in and around the formation of the Coalition – focusing on Member of Parliament Geoff Henderson, whose domestic arrangements are thrown into severe disarray when his wife…

  • Gullibility Factor

    Gullibility Factor

    Apr 25, 2020 • 00:47:04

    Peter Yates’s original, quirky and highly comic take on our Gullible Society. This production ran as a successful stage show for two weeks at The Edinburgh Festival 2008.

  • Lie Detector

    Lie Detector

    Apr 26, 2020 • 00:13:18

    A suspect is questioned by a secret service agent using sophisticated polygraph equipment with surprising results. Satire, by playwright Peter Yates, starring Mariele Runacre-Temple and Rueben Anderson.

  • The Chief

    The Chief

    Oct 18, 2016 • 00:41:39

    The most important character in Downing Street is not the PM but the cat. In this audio comedy starring Nigel Planer, Oscar, the wonderfully indiscreet Downing Street cat, reveals all.