Rum Runner Sue The Lady And The Lug

Rum Runner Sue Episode 1 The Lady and the lug
Wireless Theatre Ltd Audio Drama
Rum Runner Sue The Lady And The Lug
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Rum Runner Sue, prohibition-era bar owner and skilled amateur detective. Things started to go south that night when a bootleg rum shipment, and the bootlegger, failed to arrive…

Rum Runner Sue The Lady And The Lug

Starring Billie Jo Konze as Sue, Justin Kapla as Big Ben Taylor, your announcer, and Al from Chicago, Trelawney Erwin as Mary, Jim Yount as Beau and Jeffrey Adams as the Mayor.

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Written by Jeffrey Adams. Jeffrey also did the editing, sound effects and music for this episode created with loops from Loopmasters. Some sound effects from The FreeSound Project at Freesound dot org.

The Rum Runner Sue logo designed by Ali McQueen. You can see more of Ali’s work on Instagram at taller ‘underscore’ McQueen.

This program copyright 2021 by the Icebox Radio Theater which is solely responsible for its content. Partial funding made possible in part by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund, and through donations from our wonderful patrons and listeners. More information at

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2 thoughts on “Rum Runner Sue The Lady And The Lug”

  1. Great fun ~ this reminds me / brings / to mind / is a fresh twist on , so many programs from past decades , whilst being uniquely its own . It has captured that comfortable feeling of familiarity . The nearest thing I can recall that had exactly that same effect , was “Casey Jones’ , a TV program from my childhood ~ which other than the investigative / adventurous aspects , draws no comparisons , just the same atmosphere..? But then , also other completely different headstrong individuals from the radio , like V I Warsawski and Dotty – both a million miles away ; but , with that same comfortable vibe .
    I think this is a cracking little “series..?” ~ if there were 100 episodes , I’d listen to them all .


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