Black Spartacus Episode 2

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Guest Productions
Black Spartacus Episode 2
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In Episode Two of Black Spartacus Toussaint L’Ouverture must choose between staging an uprising on behalf of the Royalist Planters, led by the sinister Count of Charlevoix, against the revolutionaries from Paris, in return for abolition of the whip on all plantations, or launching a full scale slave uprising. One stark question remains. Can the Count, among the cruelest of all planters in the Colony, be trusted?


As a growing air of intrigue and conspiracy gathers pace on the Breda Plantation, Marie, unsettled by all the secret talk of an uprising is caught spying on the plotting slaves. Can she balance her loyalty to her mistress with the rising call to freedom by her fellow slaves? As events unfold beyond anyone’s control how much longer can she go on ignoring the charismatic visionary Boukman’s prophecy that liberty is at hand for all slaves?

Once Boukman gives the signal at a Voudou ritual to appease the spirits of war an irrevocable gulf will soon open between “slaves” and “masters” and the time for choosing will be over…

With thanks to Kay Johnson, Alan Guy, Vivien Guy, Joe Marcell (Board of Thee Black Swan Theatre and Opera Company) and Lucia Hinton and Halo Jones of Art 19 Studios Produced by Thee Black Swan Theatre and Opera Company

Starring: Lavern Archer , Judy Hepburn, Ben Onwukwe, Willie Jonah, Bob Phillips, Bhasker Patel, Olive Miller, Allister Bain,Claire Jeater, Robert Maskell, Darien Charles, Geoffrey Burton, Ewart James Walters

Written By: Anthony Maddelena, Directed By: Joe Charles,  Sound Effects: Adrian Leibowitz, Sound Engineer: Freddie Cox (Art 19 Studios)

Music used in Black Spartacus: Signature tune – Dame Marie Selphia “Sesenne” Descartes, National Cultural Hero of St. Lucia.  

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