Dream On

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Dream On
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Dream on. Robert is having a dream. Breakfast with his wife. His ex-wife. His dead ex-wife. The next night, there she is again, hauntingly familiar in the full personification of her monstrous personality. His current wife is unamused at his nocturnal flirtation with the dead past and as dreams and reality began to overlap, Robert begins a desperate hunt to find out why this is happening and if he is really losing his mind.

Dream On Audio Drama

Starring: Paul McEwan, Mariele Runacre Temple, Kesty Morrison, Laurence Dobiesz, Hannah Almond and Annie Clark

Written By: Paul Ekert  

Edited By: Audio Mill

Directed By: Tom Brazier

Music By: Audio Mill

Very enjoyable. Dark, paranoid but intriguing, a nice concept.


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1 thought on “Dream On”

  1. Excellent on all counts ~ though I’m not sure listening to this , overtired , at 2am , has been a particularly good move .
    Fortunately , to the best of my knowledge , none of my ex’s are dead ; and , my dreams are a wonderful place .
    I was completely absorbed – definitely recommended .


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