Elektric Poetry

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Elektric Poetry
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Elektric Poetry from Elisha Howe. “Born for a reason, as I grew up I realised that I am a performer. A poet at heart, I rap, I sing, I act.

From a young age my mother has always said that I’m dramatic, that I’m a hypochondriac, that I love being the centre of attention. However moving to Birmingham at the age of 8 really opened my eyes to the whole ‘wanting to be noticed’. As my older brother started to MC, I followed.

Having performed at my school, talent shows, and competitions I began to see myself coasting into a specific genre, which I didn’t like. I took the flame and rekindled a new fire. Hence why, anyone who listens to my music finds it hard to place me in a field. If my ears agree, I’m all for the musical debate.”

Elektric Poetry

Elektric would like to educate, excite and embrace you all with good music and poetry. 

Written By : Elisha Howe, Starring : Elisha Howe

Edited By : Mariele Runacre Temple, Directed By: George Maddocks, Music By : Pikey Esquire

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