Enter Queen Lear

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Enter Queen Lear
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Enter Queen Lear is an audio drama based on the theatrical production of the same play. An ageing, glamorous film star falls in love with a younger man. Now, past her cast-by- date, she agrees to play Lear as a woman simply so she can act once again.

Throughout rehearsals, she is confronted by the men in her life – two ex-husbands, two sons and her younger lover. Her only real constant is her relationship with her long time female dresser.

Enter Queen Lear By T.N Murari


Jenny Runacre as Amanda

Charlotte Winer as Mohini

Nezar Alderazi as Kourash

Michael Parker as Gerald

Luke Fracis as Rex

Nicolaus Mackie as Steve and Scott McGarrick as Bobby.

Engineering and sound design by Joe Richardson

Stage Play and Rehearsal Director Simone Vause

Audio Director Mariele Runacre-Temple

The stage production of this play ran for 3 weeks at the Drayton Arms Theatre, London, 2016.

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