Holy Smoke

Holy Smoke
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Holy Smoke
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Holy Smoke is an original and generally offensive comedy. The Brewery is close to signing a lucrative deal to sell The Belfry pub and earn a fat load of cash but they don’t want to upset the locals. They have installed Bruce and Barbi Wayne, the worst landlords in the Brewery’s history, to run the pub into the ground. However, the new landlords know nothing of the Brewery’s plan and, having already destroyed four previous pubs, look at this as their chance to finally get it right.

When Brewery members start to disappear it is a race against time to keep the deal on the table and to thwart their unknown nemesis. For Bruce and Barbi it’s just business as (un)usual. The Belfry stands on a ring-road near the edge of town. In such a prime location it is able to offer an unhealthy mix of aspiration and desperation, blending the mundane with the bizarre, in an innovative and highly original sit-com.


“An innovative and highly original sit-com with some lines reminiscent of comedy of yore


Holy Smoke

Starring : Shelley Halstead, Gordon Cooper, Andrew Macklin, James Kermack, Matt Broad and Alex Beckett

Written By: Matthew Bartlett and Dominic Stephens

Edited By: Tony ‘El Gordo’ Stephens

Directed By: 31 Pumpkins

Will possibly, likely, cause offence to some listeners.

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