SHJ – S2E1 -The Legend of Springheel’d Jack – The Terror of London.

Springheel'd Jack Season 2 Episode 1 The Terror of London
Wireless Theatre Ltd Audio Drama
SHJ - S2E1 -The Legend of Springheel'd Jack - The Terror of London.
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Folly Ditch, 1845. When a fire-breathing maniac kills 13-year-old Maria Davis, Springheel Jack is blamed. Detective Inspector Jonah Smith is hot on the trail but soon finds himself accused of an equally terrible crime…

Written by: Jack Bowman (credited as Gareth Parker) & Robert Valentine

Starring (Episode 1): Christopher Finney, John Holden White, Jessica Dennis, Neil McCormack, Philip Lawrence, Andrew Shepherd, Josephine Timmins, Ashley McGuire, Carina Reeves, Silas Hawkins, Neil Frost, Matthew Woodcock, Jane Deane, James Duckworth, with Jeremy Stockwell, David Benson and Nicholas Parsons.

Directed by: Robert Valentine

Title Music: Francesco Quadraruopolo

Incidental Music: Cameron K. McEwan

Editing and Sound Design: Benjamin Osborn.

Producers: Jack Bowman (credited as Gareth Parker), Mariele Runacre Temple & Robert Valentine

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