SHJ – S2E3 -The Legend of Springheel’d Jack

Springheel'd Jack Season 2 Episode 3 The Engine of Doom
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SHJ - S2E3 -The Legend of Springheel'd Jack
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Episode 3  The Engine of Doom!

With Jonah Smith dead and the murder of Maria Davis still a mystery, there is little hope that the forces of good will triumph as a runaway train speeds towards it’s explosive destination.

All aboard –  The Engine of Doom!


Did you know, Series One of Springheel’d Jack won the Silver Mark Time Ogle Award in 2012 and the Gold in 2013?

Starring: Neil McCormack, John Holden White, Andrew Shepherd, Josephine Timmins, Ashley McGuire, Silas Hawkins, Philip Lawrence, Stephen Hill, Mike Garnell, Matthew Woodcock, Neil Frost, Jane Deane, James Duckworth, with Jeremy Stockwell and Nicholas Parsons.

Written By: Jack Bowman (credited as Gareth Parker) & Robert Valentine, Directed By: Robert Valentine, Title Music:  Francesco Quadraruopolo, Incidental Music: Cameron K. McEwan, Editing and Sound Design: Benjamin Osborn, Producers: Jack Bowman (credited as Gareth Parker), Mariele Runacre Temple & Robert Valentine. Running Time: 37 Minutes

“I have never heard a finer studio production… ” Lodestone Media

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