SHJ – S2E2 – The Legend of Springheel’d Jack

Springheel'd Jack Season 2 Episode 2 The Carnival of Horrors
Wireless Theatre Ltd Audio Drama
SHJ - S2E2 - The Legend of Springheel'd Jack
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Episode Two: The Carnival of Horrors.

Hunted by the police and stalked by a sinister new enemy, Jonah Smith risks all to clear his name by going behind the scenes at Bartholomew Fair… in search of Springheel Jack!


Starring (Episode 2): Christopher Finney, John Holden White, Neil McCormack, Philip Lawrence, Andrew Shepherd, Josephine Timmins, Ashley McGuire, Silas Hawkins, Stephen Brian Hill, Mike Garnell, Tom Adams, Jane Deane, James Duckworth, with Jeremy Stockwell and Nicholas Parsons.

Title Music: Francesco Quadraruopolo, Incidental Music: Cameron K. McEwan, Editing and Sound Design: Benjamin Osborn, Producers: Gareth Parker, Mariele Runacre Temple & Robert Valentine.

Written By: Jack Bowman (credited as Gareth Parker) & Robert Valentine

Directed By: Robert Valentine

Contains strong language.

“Atmospheric, exhilarating, beguiling… expertly weaved… the storytelling is excellent. 10/10.”  Blogtor Who

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