Life at Death’s Door 2A

Life at Death's Door 2A Wireless Originals award winning audio documentary
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Life at Death's Door 2A
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In this episode, we look at some of the incredible ways we can commemorate our dead and find out how we can conduct our own unique funeral celebrations, to better reflect the lives our loved ones have lived. Narrated by Jo Brand.

What drives us to wear black, have a wooden coffin and to give our loved ones what we consider to be a “dignified” funeral at staggering expense? Before Queen Victoria, we used to bury our own – now it is almost the exclusive domain of the funeral industry and with an average funeral costing £3,500, perhaps it’s time we looked for alternatives?

Life At Death’s Door, episode 2, by Ann Theato and Steve Spence.

Narrated by Jo Brand, Directed by Jack Bowman

Starring: David Beck, Grace Bishop, Jonathan Broke, Chike Chan, James Duckworth, Simon Fielder, Marie Fortune, Shazia Nicholls, Ekow Quartey, Joccoaa Théato and Joseph Théato and Brian Blessed.

Editing and sound design by Malcolm Thorp

Engineered by Carlos Zicarelli at Unity Studios, London.

Original music by Polly Haynes

With many thanks to University of the Arts, London

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