Llamageddon – Part One

Wireless Theatre Comedy
Wireless Theatre Comedy
Llamageddon - Part One
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Llamageddon – Part One. The World is Broken… Unfortunately, someone thought these idiots could help. “Hear this, I have little time left and my old, frail breath is leaving me at last. It is the end of days, the end of this fragile time: judgment day. It is the time where people must pay for their actions and the sin of us all will be held to account. It will be a terrible time: a time of fire; a time of demons; of beings so monstrous they have long slumbered silently beneath green fields for countless eons until thought only something of awful legend…

Man must be ready: man will fight against man, brother against brother, angel against devil…  You have been chosen. You will need all your strength; all your mental faculties; all your unfailing, unwavering courage and, most of all, all the goodness and righteousness in your hearts…” “Sorry, I was having a lovely, big scratch. What?” “We’re screwed.”

Llamageddon – Part One

Written By: No Cause for a Llama

Starring : Andrew Irvine, Gareth Davies, Phil Leamon, Blake Scott, Robert Blackwood, Nick von Schlippe

Edited By: Andrew Irvine,

Directed By: Andrew Irvine,

Music By: Andrew Irvine (A Large Meal by Eddie Stewart)

Contains some mild bad language.

“These guys are the ‘South Park’ of radio drama as far as I’m concerned!”

Frederick Greenhalgh, Radio Drama Revival

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