Lohengrin Retold

Lohengrin Retold Wireless Original Audio Drama
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Lohengrin Retold
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What is Brabant’s dark secret? A man arrives in the city of Cardiff, haunted by his past – he tells the chilling story of the deeds of Count Telramund and his sorceress wife, Ortrud. Few have survived the events that have befallen the people. But has the story ended, or has it followed him here?

The story of Lohengrin is a medieval Arthurian legend from Germany, it was famously turned into an opera by Wagner. But here, the story is retold from the perspective of an eye-witness who has lived through the events – and as is true true of many fairy and folk tales, the closer you get, the darker the story becomes…

Lohengrin Retold with Welsh National Opera

Working with DJs: DJ Switch (aka Tony Culverwell), DJ Rakabeat (aka Adam Volsen), Josh Tucker of Realsound Studios, Bristol, and composer Pete M. Wyer

Lohengrin Remixed was produced by Welsh National Opera Max Dept.

Welsh National Opera orchestra were conducted by Thomas Blunt

Excerpts of the music were remixed and re-imagined by pupils from:

St. Mary Redcliffe School, City Academy – Bristol, North Leamington School – Leamington Spa, Saltleigh School – Birmingham

Written By: Pete M Wyer
Music By : Welsh National Opera Max
Editing facilities were provided by The Station, Bristol and Blue Whale Studios, Birmingham, Producers for Welsh National Opera Max were Caroline Alford and Åsa Malmste
Lohengrin Retold was written by Pete M. Wyer, Narrated by Roger Watson with Sydney Rae White as Elsa
Arrangement and production of the final recording was by Pete M. Wyer
Lohengrin Retold was supported by The Owen Family Trust, Baron Davenports Charity, Saintbury Trust and The Lark Trust

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