Mary Tamm – Interview

Mary Tamm Interview
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Mary Tamm - Interview
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Mary Tamm was perhaps mostly known for her role as Romana in Dr. Who, but she had had a long and varied career in TV, film and theatre. Fellow actress and friend Jenny Runacre speaks here with Mary about her work in this touching and funny interview – one of the last she did before sadly passing away in 2012. She will be greatly missed. #DrWho #MaryTamm #DoctorWho #Ramona

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  1. Lovely to hear this interview from April 2011. She would have known about her cancer dagnosis for weeks at this point but barely hints at it here (saying she might have “commitments” ahead of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival scheduled for August 2012 – it was not to be, she died a month earlier). What a beautiful educated voice, and clearly a sharp intelligence. Bradford in the 1950s inhabited by Yorkshire people (this was prior to the 1960s Asian settlement) did not always treat her well, and in this interview she elegantly gets even: “Coming from Bradford I wanted to make a success of my life”. Wonderful wit.


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