The Llamabury Tales

The Llamabury tales - musical comedy audio play - No Cause for A Llama
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The Llamabury Tales
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If you’ve ever wanted to know the true origins of the comedy group ‘No Cause For A Llama’, or the real story of how the West was won by a Welshman, or the genesis of the world’s most famous boy band, or the unspeakable actual-ness concerning the dark side of chess? Then DON’T download ‘The Llamabury Tales’ ‘cause it’s a pack of lies!

Fans of Flight of the Conchords will love this.

If you loved The Llamabury Tales, which we know you did, why not download THE DONKEY HOTROD STORY?

The Llamabury Tales by No Cause for a Llama

Starring: Andrew Irvine, Phil Leamon, Nick von Schlippe, Gareth Davies


Edited By: Andrew Irvine

Directed By: Andrew Irvine

Music By: Andrew Irvine

Lyrics By: Andrew Irvine, Gareth Davies, Nick von Schlippe & Phil Leamon

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