Red Moon : Phase 5 : Transit

Red Moon Phase Five Transit Wireless Originals Audio Drama
Wireless Theatre Ltd Audio Drama
Red Moon : Phase 5 : Transit
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Sloper and Madison travel from London to Cumbria in an attempt to thwart a terrifying scheme.

Philip Bulcock as Eddie Sloper
Yasmine Holness-Dove as Dr. Susan Madison
Georgina Periam as Mrs Jones and Felicity
Sarah Whitehouse as Wendy
Greg Page as Murray
Richard Reed as the CIA Hitman
and William Hope as Lt. Gen. Atherton

Other parts were played by members of the cast.

Recording took place at the RNIB Talking Book Studios.

The Production Assistant was Liis Mikk.

Studio engineering was by Jim Sigee.

Editing and sound design were by Malcolm Thorp.

Music was composed and performed by Francesco Quadraruopolo.

Story by Jack Bowman and Robert Valentine.

It was written, directed and produced by Robert Valentine.

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