Pig in Boots

Pig in Boots

Pig in Boots

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Come and join Patsy and Tom-Tom in Panto-Opolis as they travel across the country, encountering an ever-growing mix of characters while they a plan to scam wealthy victims out of their riches with a pyramid scheme based on non-existent real estate. With original music performed and composed by James McQuillian, great performances from all the actors, and live sound effects from The Foley Brothers, we think this recording has perfectly captured the personality and atmosphere of the evening. In true pantomime style we have left in all the actors fluffs, so feel free to cheer and jeer along with the audience. Laugh? You’ll positively squeal!

Written By: Richard O’Brien

Starring: Ceri Gifford, Kevin Haney, Peter Davis, Naomi Bowen, Reuben Anderson, Trevor Cuthbertson, Jade Allen, Gareth Davies, Nic Van Gelder, Faye Honeysett, James McQuillan, Neil Frost & David Beck

Edited By: Stuart Price, Scott Wiber and Randall Breneman, Directed By: Mariele Runacre Temple, Music By: James McQuillan

LIVE CREW CREDITS: Technical Director – Stuart Price Producer – Fran Kirkham Sound Technicians – Scott Wiber & Randall Breneman Stage Manager – Jack Bowman, Photos – Nick Hemingway. With thanks to Richard O’Brien for all his support.

Richard O’Brien’s quirky, non-formulaic audio pantomime PIG IN BOOTS was recorded in front of a live studio audience at Headliners Comedy Club

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