Five Kinds of Silence

Five kinds of silence
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Five Kinds of Silence
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Five Kinds of Silence, by renowned writer Shelagh Stephenson, tells the story of a family living under the power of the vicious Billy, who physically, emotionally, and sexually abuses his wife, Mary, and children, Susan and Janet.

Performed by the final year students at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Performed by the 3rd students at RADA 2014, Directed by Jeremy Mortimer

By Shelagh Stephenson

The play won the 1996 UK Writers Guild‘s Best Original Play award and the 1997 Sony Award for Best Original Drama.

Shelagh Stephenson Five Kinds of Silence

Starring: Billy 1  – Paul Jacobs, Billy 2 – Alistair Toovey, Billy 3  –  Jake Mitchell, Billy 4 –  Reginald Edwards, Susan –  Patsy Ferran, Janet  –  Sophie Bleasdale, Mary  – Emily Johnstone, Policewoman (sc 5) – Phoebe Pryce, Lawyer (Sc 8)  –  Vanessa Scholfield, Psychiatrist (Sc 12, 16) –  Gwynneth Keyworth, Psychiatrist  (Sc 17)   –   Phoebe Pryce, Lawyer (Sc 26)  –  Eva Clifford, Policeman 1 (Sc 3) – Hubert Burton, Policeman 2 (Sc 3)  –  Samuel Valentine, Police Inspector (Sc 6)   – Tom Hansom, Lawyer (Scs 19, 23, 25)  –  Matt Whitchurch

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Sound design by Philip Matejtschuk, Mixed by Craig Dormer, Directed by Jeremy Mortimer

This play contains lots of swearing and scenes that may be upsetting for some listeners.

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