Apocalypse Slough – Silly Audio Comedy

Apocalypse Slough Silly Audio Comedy
Wireless Theatre Comedy
Apocalypse Slough - Silly Audio Comedy
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A new black comedy, which exposes the dangers of post-apocalyptic world orders led by Dr Karl Kennedy from Neighbours and Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones. Recorded live at The Pleasance King Dome as part of Wireless Theatre’s ‘Couples Who Changed The World’ season at Edinburgh 2014.


Recorded live at The Pleasance King Dome, Edinburgh Festival 2014 as part of the Wireless Theatre’s Couples Who Changed The World series.

By: Rebecca Boley and Jonny McCartney

Starring: Adam Hall, Morag Simms, Nina Millns, Ishia Obsorne, James Parkes and Nigel Fyfe.

Music by: Jacky Fong

Sound by: Malcolm Thorp and Gareth Brown

Edited by: Malcolm Thorp

Directed by: David Beck

Produced by: Mariele Runacre Temple and Emily Best

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