Wireless Theatre Comedy
Wireless Theatre Comedy
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Stream! Ladies and gentlemen of the planet Earth. Do not panic. This is a pig alert! THE PIGS ARE LOOSE!! STREAM: The new radio musical by ‘No Cause For A Llama’ takes you on a dizzying, death-defying adventure! MEET Cutthroat Jack the Buttockless Pirate. MEET Captain Diablo the Diabetic Space Adventurer. MEET Rodney and his goddamn rocket! If you believe your auntie can fly, the Devil chats on local radio and ducks are cleverer than anyone previously thought, then STREAM is for you!

When you hear the alarm, lock your windows, secure the doors, bolt your children because… THIS IS A FULL SCALE PIG ALERT!!

Stream by No Cause for a Llama

Starring: Andrew Irvine, Philip Leamon, Gareth Davies

Written By: No Cause For A Llama

Edited By: Andrew Irvine

Directed By: Andrew Irvine

Music By: Andrew Irvine

Contains some mild bad language.

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