Subterranean Sepoys

Subterranean Sepoys
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Subterranean Sepoys
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Subterranean Sepoys. Winter 1914: Stalemate on the Western Front. In the blasted trenches of France, an Indian soldier betrays his own race out of loyalty to his British colonial masters.

Subterranean Sepoys

Written by Avin Shah

Produced by Avin Shah for Tara Arts, Heritage Lottery Fund & the National Theatre.

Directed by Jane Morgan (30 years @ Radio 4)

“…I was fascinated by the insights that it gave into the lives of the Indian soldiers […] and the fundamental concept of loyalty….” 

David Hunter – BBC RADIO DRAMA, Producer (Tommies)

“…This was fantastic, congratulations to everyone involved. Wonderful stuff…” 

Marina Calderone – BBC RADIO, Director (The Archers)

“…a really compelling drama with a great range in style from comedy to the shocking final tragedy.”

Ian Briggs, Screen-Writer (Doctor Who)

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Cast: Richard Sumitro, Huw Parmenter, Ronak Patani, Neet Mohan, Deven Modha and Avin Shah

Sound Design & Editor – David Chilton; Recordist – Lucinda Mason Brown; Spot Effects – Alison Carter; Production Support – Philippa Geering and Matt Willis (Unique)

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