The Coast of Coromandel : In Search of Edward Lear

The Coast of Coromandel Audio Drama Wireless Originals
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The Coast of Coromandel : In Search of Edward Lear
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The Coast of Coromandel. Edward Lear has somehow become separated from his creations. They have no option but to set off in search of him. An excursion, with songs. Recorded and produced by final year students at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Performed by Final Year actors at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (2016)

The Coast of Coromandel Written by Lavinia Murray


Edward LearGeorge Caple
ParrotEvlyne Oyedokun
Quangle Wangle, Parrot 2David Jonsson
Jumbly GirlEmma Denly
BoyIssy Brazier-Jones
Umbrella MakerJack Riddiford
Trout Boy, DongJordon Stevens
DemonLaurence Stagg
OwlLuke Brady
SnakeMaisie Robinson
Lady Jingly JonesNatasha Cowley
Foss the CatPhilippa Quinn
Nelson, BoThomas Martin

Music by the company. Musical director Jack Riddiford, Sound design by Candice Weaver, Mixed by Craig Dormer, Directed by Jeremy Mortimer

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