SHJ – The Springheel Files – File #2: If All The World’s A Stage

The Springheel Files, File 2
Wireless Theatre Ltd Audio Drama
SHJ - The Springheel Files - File #2: If All The World's A Stage
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The Springheel Files, narrated by Cameron K. McEwan, investigates the world of Wireless Theatre’s The Springheel Saga.

With exclusive interviews, commentary and clips, File #2 documents the production of The Terror of London, the first episode of the second series, explores the facts behind the fiction with Fortean expert Steve Ash, and also examines how things have changed in the world of The Springheel Saga since the first series – and how the world of Jonah Smith will never be the same again…

Warning: This file CONTAINS SPOILERS for The Terror of London, so make sure you’ve listened to that before!

Narrated by Cameron K. McEwan. With contributions from the cast of The Legend Of Springheel’d Jack.

Edited by Marie Tueje, Production Assistant, Emily Best. Credits, James Duckworth. With thanks to George Maddocks.

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