SHJ – S1E2 – The Strange Case of Springheel’d Jack – The Crypt of Evil

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Wireless Theatre Company Audio Drama
SHJ - S1E2 - The Strange Case of Springheel'd Jack - The Crypt of Evil
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Smith’s desperate race to capture the mysterious Springheel’d Jack before he strikes again sends him on a dangerous hunt through London’s darkest shadows … and into the crypt of evil!


“World-class audio drama…”  Global City Radio

Starring: Christopher Finney, Matt Jure, Jessica Dennis, Jack Bowman, Ben Whitehead, Ceri Gifford, Colin Holt, Nick Lucas, Andrew Macbean, Caitlin Birley, Ashley Munson, Simon Cruise, Jamie Cartwright, Trevor Cuthbertson, with David Benson and Julian Glover.

Written By: Gareth Parker and Robert Valentine, Edited By: Andrew Swann, Music By : Francesco Quadrarolopolo, Illustration By: Jamie Egerton

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