The Trial of Sherlock Holmes

The Trial of Sherlock Holmes Audio Drama
Wireless Theatre Comedy
The Trial of Sherlock Holmes
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Sherlock Holmes Audio Drama

Sherlock Holmes Audio Comedy from Wireless Theatre. Sherlock Holmes audio drama

Sherlock Holmes, the world’s greatest consulting detective, is on trial for his life! 

Trapped in a nightmarish court room and charged with endangering the public and his friends, Holmes is forced to relive some of his most bizarre cases with only Doctor Watson to aid his defence.
Gasp at the Adventure of the Lizard’s Hands! Work your brain into a frenzy of confusion as our heroes uncover the mystery of a dead man found in the middle of Regent Street! Steady your nerves as you bear witness to some snakes…. On a train! Is all this evidence enough to satisfy a mysterious judge with a vendetta against our hero?

Sherlock Holmes Audio Drama – The Trial of Sherlock Holmes

A brand new comedy adventure from the writers of our popular download – Sherlock Holmes Strikes Back! 


Peter Davis, Matthew Woodcock, Simon Kane, Laura Marshall, Ben Whitehead

Excellent live recording, enjoyed it very much, the script and acting were top notch, loved the portrayal of Watson and all the women he had known; fantastic production that I truly enjoyed.


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