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We Are The BBC
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Stephen Fry comedy audio play. Rob Sterling Davies is on the crest of a wave: a celebrated scriptwriter, actor, TV personality, the new doyen of Just a Minute, and apparently, Stephen Fry’s new best friend.  But all isn’t quite as it seems, and when Stephen discovers that Rob’s BAFTA-winning script was stolen, he undertakes to expose Rob for the fraud he is. New audio comedy We Are The BBC is the follow-up to the hugely popular 2011 hit, We Are Not The BBC, and features Nicholas Parsons and Stephen Fry as themselves.

Stephen Fry Comedy Audio Play

Review in The STAGE.

We Are The BBC is the sequel to We Are Not The BBC

Starring: Adam HallSusan Casanove, Simon Stanhope, Andrew MacbeanNick Lucas, Ann Theato, Alison Mead, Claire Wyatt, Cheska Moon, Katharine Waugh and Silas Hawkins. With Nicholas Parsons and Stephen Fry.

Written By: Susan Casanove

irected By: Jack Bowman

Edited By: Garry Abbott @ Audio Mill

Music By: Francesco Quadraropolo


4 thoughts on “We Are The BBC”

  1. I thought Bob was going to be exposed by Stephen fry.
    It all ended with Bob going to America to make his fortune.
    Did I miss something

    • I trundle back to the comments in a similarly confused state ~ having truly believed Rob’s metaphorical rug was about to be whooshed from under his feet.!? , by an expose’ delivered by Steven . I imagined the point of over exaggerating Rob’s vile jubilation / self celebration to me / us , the audience , was ,,, that we now get to witness him eat-shit and die .
      Most PECULIAR mate…

  2. The “brief” synopsis above ~ ‘LARGELY’ puts such ideas forward – it all makes perfect sense (as you listen) , it just , the end is missing ~ there was no point to the story , other than the sadly obvious , nasty people treat kind decent folk horrendously ; and , get away with it , again , every time .


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