Wild Elusive Butterfly Act I

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Wild Elusive Butterfly Act I
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In Act One of Wild Elusive Butterfly, cargo vessel Turmoil prepares to set sail for the Southern Ocean.  Shipowner Daisy Ballantyne and cargo owner Tom Devine negotiate terms and conceal desire.  Pregnant Jill and husband Jack explore the limits of marriage.  John and Peter enjoy contentment.  Primordial spirits feel undervalued.  And a tornado is approaching.

‘Unexpected, and simply a joy to listen to’

Wild Elusive Butterfly Act I Written By John Park

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Wild Elusive Butterfly is a love story, dealing with universal themes. Inability to be honest with a loved one. Failure to sustain a relationship. Powerlessness to save a child. Daisy and Tom face love and loss. People in their lives (and sometimes beyond) face emotional or physical dispossession, intertwining as they search, ignore and try to fill their individual voids. Honesty? Lives disintegrate as people struggle with what they need to say, should say, want to say. Loss snaps friendship. Sometimes, only help from beyond the present world and lifetime can provide the clarity needed to go on. And you can never go back. [Josephine Arden]

‘A really intense, allegorical look at some very complex relationships, and the innate fear of commitment.  Excellent writing and acting – really top notch stuff.  I felt I was “watching” an expressive and creatively-structured stage play.  Not for the kiddies, but this is really exquisite, mature audio fare.  Unexpected, and simply a joy to listen to – dreamlike and sumptuous.  A stage version would be amazing (and brutal).’

David Collins-Rivera, Producer, Theater of the Imagination, New York

Starring:  [alphabetical order]:  Angela Bleasdale, Eleanor Burke, Jeremy Drakes, Penelope Granycome, Victoria Grove, Will Harrison-Wallace, Tshari King, Philip Lawrence, Chris Manning-Perry, Julia Papp, Josh Rochford, Tom Slatter, Olivia Vinall, Sarah Whitehouse, Martin Witts

Wild Elusive Butterfly

Written By: John Park, Edited By: Craig Bulpitt, Malcolm Thorp, Directed By: George Maddocks, Sound Design By: Pete Wyer (play) and Tshari King (credits)

offensive language

Picture Credits:  Jeremy Drakes and Josephine Arden by Mariele Runacre Temple


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