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Amelie’s Party

Amelie’s Party

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Recorded in front of a live audience at The Lost Theatre. Amelie’s Party was written, produced and performed in just 36 hours. 9 actors, 1 director, a sound and tech crew and a beat-boxer met on Friday morning and by Saturday night they performed a completed live recording with visuals. This is that play. With a nod to the king of improvisation, Mike Leigh, we affectionately named our piece Amelie’s Party – please enjoy.

Starring: Josephine ArdenDavid BeckSusan CasanoveJessica DennisCeri GiffordFiz Marcus, Mark Fairclough, Sarah WhitehouseBen Whitehead

Directed by: George Maddocks

Edited by: Malcolm Thorp

Lighting by: Gareth Brow

 Visuals (and filming) by: Arran Corbett

Sound Recording By: Malcolm Thorp

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