I Heart Amy

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I Heart Amy
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I Heart Amy by Elizabeth Parikh. Christmas Audio Drama.

Christmas audio drama. Young widow Amy is moving forward with her life. She has arranged to meet up with Joe, an old ‘friend’ to see if the two still share a spark – even packing her toothbrush, just in case… Joe just happens to be her late husband’s best mate from university. Joe is facing a crossroads of his own. At Bath Christmas Market the two make their way through the crowds. Laughing and mulling over the past they reach the canal, where they are finally able to be alone…

I Heart Amy – Christmas Audio Drama

By Elizabeth Parikh

The characters were played by the following actors: 

AMY by Helen Phillips

JOE by Christopher Lane

CHARLOTTE & ORLA by Sinead Davies

LUCIA, ALEX & SIRI by Rebekah Hinds


SUSAN & MAGS by Gillian McCutcheon

RICK & RAJESH by Nav Sidhu                    

HEATHER by Valerie Gogan

And COMMUTER played by Kevin Devine

It was engineered by James Signee, and recorded at the RNIB Talking Books Studios, London.

Editing and Sound Design by Malcolm Thorp

Title music performed by Dominic Mason

Broadcasting Assistant, Liis Mikk

Assistant Producer, Paul Blinkhorn

I Heart Amy was directed by Paul Blinkhorn and produced by Jack Bowman

Image: Adam Court – Glinting in the Light

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